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Anti Ligature Washroom Fixtures

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 by

Anti ligature washroom fixtures include a broad spectrum of products.  Hand wash lavatories, showers, shower valves, and washroom accessories are all designed with a minimal number of ligature points.  A button, or infrared activation, is substituted, when possible, for handles.  Handles that are necessary feature rounded edges that will not allow materials to be tied to their surface. 

Anti ligature washroom fixtures for hand washing are made with contoured edges and spray heads that are mounted flush to the basin.  Water flow is activated by infrared faucets, thus eliminating the need for a handle.  The basins are also designed with contoured edges.  The Terreon material that is used to manufacture lavatories is vandal resistant.  Sinks are almost impossible to break, and any chips or scratches inflicted in their surfaces can be easily repaired. 

Anti ligature washroom fixtures for shower facilities include showers and valves that are built with a minimal number of protuberances that someone could tie a cord to, or that someone could break to create a sharp edged weapon. 

Shower valves are designed rounded and mounted flush to the wall.  This keeps people from tying shoe laces, bed sheets, or other ligature materials to their surfaces.  Contoured handles have edges too rounded and smooth for inmates or patients to tie off too or break off to use as knives.  Most shower models have hemispherical pushbuttons to minimize ligature points.

Breakaway towel hooks cannot be used to tie off cords for hanging because they break when excess weight is applied.  Sloped tops on valves also minimize sharp edges and tie off points.  Shower units that mount to the wall are very flush to its surface to reduce the chances of it being pulled out.   

It is also important to design smaller anti ligature washroom fixtures to prevent little things from being used as weapons or tools of self injury.  Anti ligature bathroom accessories like mirrors are made of break proof glass so they cannot be shattered and turned into sharp weapons.  Toilet paper dispensers are also flush, recessed mounted into walls.  Security screws that require special equipment are used to hold them in place.  Bear hands and ordinary objects cannot remove these screws, or the accessories they hold.   

Other smaller anti ligature washroom fixture accessories include grab bars and soap dishes that are made to resist being pulled out of the wall.  Grab bars have welded plates that fill the cavity between the bar and the wall to make them extra strong. 

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