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ADA Commercial Lavatories

Thursday, November 13th, 2014 by

Wheelchair-Accessible-Commercial-LavatoriesSpace is the essential issue confronting a wheelchair user when attempting to wash their hands.ADA-Accessible-Lavatories A common lavatory sink and vanity doesn’t give space underneath the sink for a wheelchair user’s feet and legs. The available arrangement is to clear the area beneath the sink to give room.

The most direct solution is to install a wall hung ADA Lavatory. There are various sinks available that are intended for wheelchair availability. These sinks are typically shallower front to back and the drains are located at the back of the sink, closer to the wall. This shape gives freedom to knees so a wheelchair can get close enough to use the sink without any struggles. Visit XPB Locker & Supply for more information and styles in our ADA Commercial Lavatories.Request A Quote


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