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Express Bathroom Lavatories

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 by

Express Bathroom Lavatories are a multi-user design that’s easy to install and maintain while offering contoured styling and personal hand-washing space. The Express is a cost-effective fixture that is easy to specify, install, clean and maintain. This streamlined hand-washing system provides the economies and conveniences of a group fixture, which accommodates up to three people at one time. The system is made of Bradley’s Terreon solid-surface material. These Bradley sinks are designed in such a manner that each individual standing at the lavatory can wash his or her hands in a personal space equivalent to a small, individual bathroom sink.  Individual bowls are connected to one another, but also differentiated and spaced apart sufficiently to allow for comfortable access by several users at once.  Additionally, ADA and TAS regulations can be met by all Express MG and SS models, so this same level of personal comfort can be made available to disabled users.


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