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Commercial Outdoor Park Benches For Different Outside Environments

Thursday, February 1st, 2018 by
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Different types of environment have unique seating requirements.  With so many bench lines and models to choose from, it can be time consuming for procurement agents to browse our entire inventory for options.  XPB Locker wants to simplify your online shopping experience by suggesting specific commercial outdoor park benches for different applications

Benches State Parks

Rod benches are a great choice for state parks.  Remote areas are never completely devoid of people, so vandalism is something that park officials must take aggressive measures to stop.  Rod benches feature large anchors and tubular arms that mount easily to concrete pads.  They will not pull out of the ground, and their legs can withstand the force of extreme impact without bending.

Private Campground Seating

Consider enhancing your camping area with a Sawgrass or a Northgate design.  Featuring an elegant look, these commercial outdoor park benches are particularly suited for those who want to spend time on a lake or watching a sunset.

Benches For City Parks

City parks need commercial park benches that will compliment surrounding architecture.  Our classic Oglethorpe models are perfect compliments to any cityscape.  With straight backs and wide gauge steel ribs, they blend with any traditional, modern, or contemporary building in the background.  These commercial outdoor park benches also feature superior ergonomics and provide ideal support for visitors who want to sit for long periods of time in a park or a public garden.

Outdoor Public Administration Benches

Municipal government facilities should install benches that that are comfortable enough to give people a rest but not so comfortable that they want to sit outside the building all day.  Backless benches are an ideal way to say “take a break, but go on home when you’re rested.”  XPB recommends the high point bench featuring U-legs and wire seats.  Rugged and accessible from both sides, the curved edge of the seat discourages abuse by skateboarders.

Custom Benches For Outdoor Shopping Malls

The arm less roll formed diamond bench can be personalized with the mall logo.  Its design is modern, yet exudes the classic navy chair style that is a favorite of designers past and present.  Reminiscent of the same success formula for clothing design, these models can be mounted on sidewalks near every mall entrance.

Personalized Restaurant Benches

We recommend that restaurants consider the high point design.  These heavy duty commercial outdoor benches are built for high traffic and occupancy.  They can be ordered in 8′ lengths, which is perfect for waiting areas.

These suggestions are made by installers with years of experience and may prove helpful in determining which models work best for our environment.  All commercial outdoor park benches can be customized with your brand, logo, commemoration, or high quality graphic artwork.  Just ask your account representative for a customization estimate to be included in your order.

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