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Accessible, Secure & Durable Post Mounted Mailboxes – Things To Know

February 12th, 2018 by
USPS Post Mounted Mailboxes

USPS Post Mounted Mailboxes – FREE Quote 877-283-9720

There is something uniquely Americana about post mounted mailboxes.  Some of us remember growing up in a home with a mailbox at the end of the driveway.  In the summertime, when school was out, our mothers would ask us to watch for the mailman.  For us, it was an excuse to go play in the front yard.  For them, it was a chance to keep an eye on us while they taught us responsibility.  While many have forgotten these days, you can keep them alive by installing a post mounted mailbox in your own little island of America.  XBP has all sorts of single, double, and even 4 box posts like the ones shown in the picture.  Whether you live in the country, a small town, or the big city, we have a mailbox that is right for you.  

XPB Locker also has larger post mounted cluster mailboxes designed for planned communities.  These mailboxes are usually located either at the entrance to the community or somewhere near the community center.  Rather than going from house to house along a long, winding road that could stretch for miles, mail carriers can deliver all of the mail at once to a single location.  Residents returning from work can stop by the mailbox on the way to their homes.  Or, residents working in their homes can take a break, pick up their mail at the community center, and spend a few minutes catching up with neighbors before returning home.

Stores and office parks can also follow this same principle by installing commercial post mounted mailboxes outside the entrance to the building.  Many businesses prefer this because they consider daily mail delivery a needless interruption of the office.  Mail carriers in large cities also appreciate the convenience of making a single, central stop along a very busy and demanding urban route.  Often too, the property managers of these business centers will install trash cans beside the mailboxes so tenants can sort out the junk mail on the spot.

Browse through our selection of post mounted mailboxes today and choose the best model for your home, church, office, or retail center.     

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Commercial Outdoor Park Benches For Different Outside Environments

February 1st, 2018 by
Discount Commercial Outdoor Picnic Tables For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Prices

Commercial Outdoor Picnic Tables – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Different types of environment have unique seating requirements.  With so many bench lines and models to choose from, it can be time consuming for procurement agents to browse our entire inventory for options.  XPB Locker wants to simplify your online shopping experience by suggesting specific commercial outdoor park benches for different applications

Benches State Parks

Rod benches are a great choice for state parks.  Remote areas are never completely devoid of people, so vandalism is something that park officials must take aggressive measures to stop.  Rod benches feature large anchors and tubular arms that mount easily to concrete pads.  They will not pull out of the ground, and their legs can withstand the force of extreme impact without bending.

Private Campground Seating

Consider enhancing your camping area with a Sawgrass or a Northgate design.  Featuring an elegant look, these commercial outdoor park benches are particularly suited for those who want to spend time on a lake or watching a sunset.

Benches For City Parks

City parks need commercial park benches that will compliment surrounding architecture.  Our classic Oglethorpe models are perfect compliments to any cityscape.  With straight backs and wide gauge steel ribs, they blend with any traditional, modern, or contemporary building in the background.  These commercial outdoor park benches also feature superior ergonomics and provide ideal support for visitors who want to sit for long periods of time in a park or a public garden.

Outdoor Public Administration Benches

Municipal government facilities should install benches that that are comfortable enough to give people a rest but not so comfortable that they want to sit outside the building all day.  Backless benches are an ideal way to say “take a break, but go on home when you’re rested.”  XPB recommends the high point bench featuring U-legs and wire seats.  Rugged and accessible from both sides, the curved edge of the seat discourages abuse by skateboarders.

Custom Benches For Outdoor Shopping Malls

The arm less roll formed diamond bench can be personalized with the mall logo.  Its design is modern, yet exudes the classic navy chair style that is a favorite of designers past and present.  Reminiscent of the same success formula for clothing design, these models can be mounted on sidewalks near every mall entrance.

Personalized Restaurant Benches

We recommend that restaurants consider the high point design.  These heavy duty commercial outdoor benches are built for high traffic and occupancy.  They can be ordered in 8′ lengths, which is perfect for waiting areas.

These suggestions are made by installers with years of experience and may prove helpful in determining which models work best for our environment.  All commercial outdoor park benches can be customized with your brand, logo, commemoration, or high quality graphic artwork.  Just ask your account representative for a customization estimate to be included in your order.

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Commercial Outdoor Park Furniture For Sale – 100% Made In America

January 19th, 2018 by
Commercial Outdoor Park Benches For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Prices

 Outdoor Park Furniture – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Looking for sturdy Outdoor Park Furniture and equipment that’ll stand up to heavy use? We have durable outdoor park benches, picnic tables, bike racks, outdoor trash cans and more. XPB offers heavy duty steel benches and trash cans that compliment your outdoor scenery.  Our metal park benches, outdoor receptacles and picnic tables have an option where you can mount your product for permanent installations.

Call our friendly staff to make a quote with quantity discounts and save on shipping costs! We have assisted in furnishing many large projects, call to find out how we can help you stay in your budget.


Custom Personalized Park Benches For Sale – Made 100% In America

January 18th, 2018 by
Discount Custom Personalized Park Benches For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Wholesale Prices

Custom Personalized Park Benches – FREE Quote 877-483-9720

Custom personalized park benches are used by many different types of organizations.  

They are popular with religious, civic, commercial, and municipal organizations and can be found in a variety of environments.  Custom benches communicate messages in a powerful way.  They are seen by visitors to the establishment and serve as a continual reminder of a thought, a memorable individual, or an organizational brand.  Just a few of examples of their uses include:

  • Churches often dedicate benches to a parishioner who dedicated his or her life in service to the congregation.
  • Municipalities use custom benches to commemorate key historical figures from their community.
  • Public schools will brand their benches with images of their mascot to reinforce school spirit.
  • City governments will honor contributors to parks and public works projects by displaying their names on benches.
  • Some corporations will customize their benches with a brand or mission statement.
  • Some organizations buy custom personalized park benches to deter theft. ( While it may be easy to steal a custom bench, it is almost impossible to hide it.)

XPB Locker offers three styles of customization.

  1. Personalized benches feature words or basic images made from the metal itself.  With some bench models, the logo or commemoration is cut out of the pattern.  With other models, lettering is welded onto the bench back.  This type of customization is particularly noticeable when sunlight is shining through the bench from behind the inscription.
  2. Multicolor custom personalized benches use contrast to emphasize the inscription.  Letters and images are manufactured into the bench itself, just like they are with the first method.  However, a secondary color is used for the artwork and fonts.  This sharpens the definition of the message, which stands out regardless of the position of the sun or level of natural lighting.
  3. Sublimation benches impresses full color artwork onto the bench with a process that is guaranteed to retain its coloring for five years.  This method is preferred by organizations who wish to emphasize their brand or tell a story through advanced, detailed artwork.  

Custom personalized park benches come in many different models.

Some of our more popular lines included diamond metal benches, U-leg wire mesh backless benches, angle-iron benches, the highly popular Northgate bench, and roll-formed benches.  Customization fonts include Buddy Sans, Letterman, Sans Bold Medium, Sans Condensed, Serif, Smallprint, Stencil, and the new Tribute Script.   

Custom personalized park benches come with a 5-year warranty.

Custom Personalized Park Benches
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Buying A USPS Mailbox? A Buyers Guide

January 14th, 2018 by
Commercial Mailboxes For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Wholesale Prices

USPS Mailboxes For Sale – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Buying a new USPS Mailbox might seem easy, however there are regulations enforced by the United States Postal Service regarding mailbox specifications. Many postal customers aren’t aware of these regulations, then become confused when their mailbox isn’t approved.

The USPS has to regulate the types and styles of mailboxes allowed for residential and commercial use to prevent delays and accidents when delivering the mail. XPB Locker & Supply offers a wide variety of USPS-approved mailboxes for homes and businesses. Residential and commercial mailboxes must meet specific USPS requirements, including box size, location, mail slot dimensions (when applicable) and identification information.

Cluster mailboxes from XPB Supply are USPS approved and include a host of security features.  Please note, your local post office must be consulted before installation due to specific placement rules.

USPS Mailboxes For Sale – FREE Quote 877-483-9270


Commercial Restroom Lavatory Systems On Sale Now! 100% Made In America

January 7th, 2018 by
Commercial Restroom Lavatories For Sale - Wholesale Direct From Manufacturer Discount Prices

Commercial Restroom Lavatory Systems – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

The Bradley Verge Lavatory System is composed of a natural quartz material that combines the elegance of stone with the eco-friendliness of a bio-based resin. XPB Locker and Supply provide the highest quality option in terms of handwashing with a Bradley Verge Lavatory System. The Verge Sinks come in three different series to provide your commercial restroom with the ultimate customization to meet your application’s specifications. The L-Series, R-Series and G-Series come in one, two and three person models and are specially designed for handling washroom traffic quickly and economically. Call us for a free quote on your commercial restroom layout for lavatories and sinks.

Industrial Bathroom Lavatory Systems – FREE Quote 877-483-9270


Commercial Retail Center Bathroom Partitions Sales – Made In USA

December 18th, 2017 by
Commercial Retail Center Bathroom Partitions At Discount Manufacturer Direct Pricing In Austin , San Antonio, Dallas , Corpus Christi And Houston Texas

Commercial Restroom Partitions – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Retail Center Bathroom Partitions are the perfect solution for higher end retail facilities that are looking to provide their customers with high privacy and design. These restroom partitions can enhance any facility design and provide the perfect synergy between your retail space and restroom.  While we’re designing your commercial toilet partitions, we also get your input on your material and style preferences. For many businesses, it’s important to have an attractive and appealing bathroom to create a harmonious style throughout your commercial building or facility.

Commercial Restroom Partitions
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Do Employee Storage Lockers Help Secure Employee’s Possessions?

December 3rd, 2017 by
Quality Employee Storage Lockers On Sale Now! Wholesale Manufacturer Direct Pricing In Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi And Houston, Texas

Employee Storage Lockers – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

XPB Locker & Supply is your source for Employee Storage Lockers. Many customers need employee storage lockers to help secure employee possessions and clothing. Lockers are essential for any operation.  When ordering an employee locker, you want to consider the application. Many customers prefer solid plastic lockers or corrosion resistant lockers. We also go beyond what the typical distributor sells and provides wood designer lockers, digital lockers and even stainless steel lockers for high tech and food service operations. For convenience we offer most of our employee lockers assembled as well.

Employee Storage Lockers – FREE Quote 877-483-9270


Solid Plastic Gear Sports Lockers Are Wider And Deeper Than Standard Lockers

November 24th, 2017 by

Lenox Solid Plastic Gear Lockers are wider and deeper than standard lockers, offering more room for uniforms, heavy gear and other bulky equipment. Comprised of highly durable solid high-density polyethylene plastic containing 30-percent pre-consumer content, Lenox Lockers stand up to harsh, high-traffic and moist environments as well as damage, reducing maintenance repairs and costs, especially compared with metal lockers.

Our Lenox Solid Plastic Gear Lockers feature a midsection storage area that is completely open to the air so that uniforms can dry quickly and day clothes can remain fresh throughout the day.  Standard plastic lockers feature vented doors just like previous generations of metal lockers did.  This allows for more than enough air to circulate through the locker interior to keep personal items fresh, and to allow sweaty clothes to air out. Contact XPB Lockers & Supply for a free quote on your solid plastic gear lockers.


Outdoor Personalized Perforated Park Benches – A Buyers Guide

November 1st, 2017 by
Custom Outdoor Personalized Metal Park Benches For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Discount Prices

Outdoor Personalized Perforated Benches – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Outdoor Personalized Perforated Benches are perfect for any location with heavy traffic requiring industrial-strength seating, schools, parks and recreational facilities, campgrounds, sports complexes and rest areas.

The way that you choose to install your personalized perforated bench will likely vary by its location. And we offer seven different solutions for three levels of permanency. Portable mounting lets you move the bench as needed, and we have two types of portable bench feet. Surface-mount installation works well indoors or some exterior locations, and you have two styles from which to choose. For the most permanent and sturdy installation, which also helps prevent theft, in-ground mounting combines special feet and anchors, often in conjunction with concrete.

Whether your outdoor metal bench is installed in a park or on the sidelines indoors or out, this model gets attention. Integrated into the perforation pattern is a solid steel panel at the center of the backrest. It gives you the perfect canvas for your message, which stands out in a contrasting paint color.

Outdoor Personalized Perforated Benches – FREE Quote 877-483-9270